The Howlin' Brothers 

Nashville based string band composed of Ian Craft, Dan Swan and Jared Green.  Anchored in a bed of old-time blues and bluegrass, their upbeat shows are heavy with original and traditional music, featuring the sounds of slide banjo, harmonica and old-time fiddle.  Sounding like what would happen if a bunch of Appalachian punk rockers formed a jug-band, The Howlin’ Brothers play with a ferocious energy that drags you in and finds you boogieing along in spite of yourself.


THe Rayo Brothers 


The Rayo Brothers create an energetic amalgam of American music with influences ranging from bluegrass to blues to outlaw country. Featuring sibling harmonies and a variety of instrumentation, the band puts on a rollicking show that flows from raucous foot-stompers to intimate ballads and everywhere in between.

JOanna Barbera


Some might say all songs are really love songs, but for Joanna, it’s the transformation of a relationship that wields the best writing. Joanna's new EP IMAGO showcases Joanna's growth through her move from her safe stronghold of Austin, TX, to the burgeoning indie scene in Nashville, TN.


Iris Shepherd & 

The Shepherd family band 

The Shepherd Family from Paris, Tennessee, performs music ranging from classical to bluegrass to contemporary.

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AShleigh caudill

Celebrated folksinger, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Ashleigh Caudill, exemplifies one of the most exciting musical trends to be heard today. That is, traditional roots music with a new spin, a different take on the themes and sounds that have shaped American music past. She has a sense of style that is unique and beyond categorization. Her songs are constructed with an architect's touch and her performances hum with an excitement in the crisp arrangements that lift each song.

forest huval

Forest Huval is a intrepid upcoming musician with a voyageur’s soul. A native of Cecilia, Louisiana, Forest was influenced by legendary cajun musicians. His soulful vocals along with his effortless accordion and intense fiddle playing can get any crowd up and dancing.



Tim Lorsch


Tim Lorsch is a Nashville based producer, session player, arranger and songwriter. He has produced critically acclaimed records and played on thousands of recordings covering a wide spectrum of musical styles. He has made contributions to Grammy and Emmy Award winning projects, performed on TV and scored for the theater.